Halifax Guards and Bite Appliances

Guards, Bite Appliances

Teeth are often damaged or broken during contact sports such as hockey or football, and while we all know the "hockey smile" very few of us actually want one. Teeth can also be damaged if you clench or grind your teeth. We fabricate custom-made sports guards and bite appliances to protect your teeth, whatever life may throw at them.

Sports Guards

Sports guards work by providing a shield around your teeth, protecting them from impacts and chipping. Damage can occur in even low-impact sports, so all athletes should wear a protective guard. Our office can fit you for a custom-made sports guard that will protect your smile from injury.

Bite Appliances

Grinding teeth (the medical term is bruxism) can cause chronic jaw pain and damage to your teeth and gums. A custom-made bite appliance holds your teeth and jaw in place and prevents grinding, letting your jaw muscles relax and relieving your pain.

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