Halifax Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last of our adult teeth to grow in. When they align properly, they emerge as normal and don't need to be removed. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth often emerge incorrectly and they can become misaligned or impacted, with possible serious health complications such as damage to gums, other teeth and your jawbone. Early removal of the wisdom teeth is the usual treatment to prevent these problems.

When we determine your wisdom teeth are beginning to grow and emerge, which usually happens at around age 16-20, we will X-ray and examine your teeth and jaw to determine if they are growing in correctly. If they aren't we will recommend extraction of one, several, or all of your wisdom teeth.

At David Quigley Dentistry we understand that oral surgery, such as removal of wisdom teeth, can be intimidating and may cause some anxiety. In an effort to keep our patients as comfortable as possible, we offer IV sedation.

For more information about assessing wisdom teeth for removal, book a consultation with David Quigley Dentistry today.

Watch videos about Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Horizontal Impaction Wisdom Teeth Horizontal Impaction Partial Eruption Wisdom Teeth Partial Eruption